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Father’s Day Gift Ideas

So you won’t be caught empty-handed this Father’s Day, check out our recommendations for gift ideas and inspiration that will solidify your position as the favourite child.

‘You don’t need to get me anything.’ Your dad probably means it, but trust us, he’ll be so glad you didn’t listen.

Dads teach you some of the most important – and often the weirdest – stuff, let you fail without scolding you (too much) and always push you to be your best self. Without expecting anything in return.

While most dads don’t expect anything, it’s still a special occasion for you to show gratitude and love for the father figure in your life.

Whether it’s your dad, stepdad, grandfather or that one teacher who stepped in when you needed a positive role model, we’re helping find the gift that he’ll not only like… but will actually use.

Gifts for Father’s Day - What to get Your Dad for Father’s Day

Finding the perfect gift for dad – on the 1 day dedicated to him – is all about balance. The balance between what he likes and what he’ll find useful.

Is your dad the one who insists he has everything he could ever want? Chances are, he’s being polite. Giving him a Father’s Day present that he would never buy for himself, but will immediately think ‘I needed this!’, is essential.

To do that, take a step back and think about what your dad likes and needs… and how much you want to spend.

  • What does your dad need? Is he missing anything in his grooming routine? Is there a gift that would make his day easier?
  • What does he like? Does he have a certain style? Is he required to dress a specific way for work?
  • How much do you want to spend? While it is the ‘thought that counts’, sometimes you want to give more than just a couple of happy thoughts. Consider your budget, including shipping, for a starting point to gift shopping.

Personalised Father’s Day Gifts

The best gifts for dad are the personal ones. Those handmade ‘Happy Father’s Day’ cards you brought home as a kid were special because they were about more than just scribbles and paper. It showed that you took the time and energy to make something for him. And what dad wouldn’t melt for that?

Now that you’re older, you can leave the macaroni art to the kids and focus your attention on things like personalised cufflinks or a stainless steel card holder engraved with his initials.

If your dad is like the ones in our office, he’ll appreciate spending time together this Father’s Day. Why not add a personalised engraved bracelet to commemorate an outing or event that you share? Click the button below for even more engraving ideas.

Gifts for the Dad who has Everything

What do you get the dad who has everything? The truth is, your dad doesn’t have everything. He may tell you that he does – because he doesn’t want you to spend your hard-earned money or go out of your way for him – but who doesn't enjoy receiving a gift?

When you’re stuck for gift ideas, shop for a useful and unique gift for Father’s Day. Something that your dad didn’t see coming and would certainly never have bought for himself.

A pocket square holder keeps the well-dressed dad’s pocket square in a perfect Monarch Fold. Does your dad lose his shades all the time? Surprise him with a pair of foldable sunglasses that slip in his pocket.

Or give your dad a leather wallet with a removable card holder this Father’s Day. It’s a twist on the classic men's wallet and one that your dad will quickly appreciate. Plus… leather is one material that improves over time.

Classic Father’s Day Gift Ideas

There are some gifts for Father’s Day that have stood the test of time – the coffee mug with ‘World’s Best Dad’ on it comes to mind! These are classic presents for dad for a reason… they work!

Whether it’s a tie, shaving kit or beard grooming set, these classic gift ideas are almost guaranteed to make your dad’s day. If you’re looking for something extra special, add an engraved tie clip to the tie and a hanging toiletry bag to store the shaving set.

Father's Day Gifts for Dads Who Travel

Whether your dad is a frequent flier or the one who only travels to come visit you, these gifts are staples in a man’s closet.

If he’s the suit-wearing type, go for a tie holder that keeps his tie crease-free. What about a foldable backpack for your dad to take on holiday? Lazy Bear has a water-resistant backpack that will pack away in his luggage until he reaches his destination.

And, if you’re still strapped for gift inspiration, check out our RFID blocking wallets. What better way to keep dad (his information at least) safe.

How to Write a Father’s Day Card

Handwritten cards might be old fashioned, but that’s what makes them so special. If you want to seize the opportunity to tell your dad how you feel, which, let’s be honest, you should do more often, a handwritten note is a valuable keepsake.

You don’t need to write a Father’s Day poem… although good for you if you can! Instead, remind him of a shared memory that symbolises your relationship, or write about a lesson you’ve learned from him.

The most important line in his Father’s Day card is where you show him that he did his job right and give him the recognition he deserves. You turned out OK. Thank him for it.

The Origin of Father’s Day

Impressing your dad with a gift this Father’s Day is one thing. Amazing him with random trivia knowledge – like the origin of this holiday in the USA – is a total bonus.

As many good things do, the story of Father’s Day starts with a woman. After hearing a sermon about the movement to establish Mother’s Day, Sonora Smart Dodd felt fathers deserved their own celebration. Her dad had raised six children on his own. He should have some credit.

The first Father’s Day event was held on the third Sunday of the month, on June 19, 1910. President Lyndon B. Johnson later formalised the holiday with a presidential proclamation, and Richard M. Nixon made it a national holiday in 1972.

You Asked – We Answered

What are the best gifts for Father’s Day 2020?

We asked the dads in our office for their top picks this Father’s Day. Shop their recommendations for dad-approved gifts that are exclusive to Trendhim.

What are personalised father’s day gifts that a daughter can give?

If you’re searching for unique, personalized gifts for dad that’ll remind him why you’re his favourite daughter, check out our suggestions below:

  • Men’s Watch
  • Men’s Bracelet
  • Men’s Wallet
  • Men’s Wash Bag
  • Flat Caps

What is a good Father’s Day gift you can mail?

Shipping usually depends on the size and weight of the gift. Sending a pair of personalised cufflinks weighs a lot less than a watch case.

Whatever gift you send dad this year, make sure you remember the wrapping.

We offer wrapping and will choose the right size for your gift and individually wrap in one of our signature fabric pouches.

And there’s no need to run out and buy a Father’s Day card. We’ve included a gift tag that’s ready for your message.

What is the best gift for Father’s Day?

The best gift for Father’s Day is the one that strikes a balance between what your dad likes and what he’ll actually use.

If your dad has been working on his beard for years, then don’t buy him a shaving kit.

You could consider how your dad dresses. Does he often wear a blazer or suit? Adding a pop of colour with a lapel pin would probably be a welcomed gift – something he can use and something he wouldn’t have bought for himself.

What do you buy for a dad who really doesn’t want anything?

If your dad seriously doesn’t want anything for Father’s Day, then give him what every parent can’t turn down… your time.

Pick up the phone and call him. You’ll both be glad you did.

What are great birthday gifts for dad?

Shopping for presents for dad’s birthday doesn't have to be difficult. Any of the gift ideas listed above make great birthday presents for any man in your life.

Receiving a personalised gift is always welcomed. Whether it’s from his son or daughter on his birthday.

How to find gift inspiration for Father’s Day?

The easiest way to find gift inspiration this Father’s Day is to pay attention to your dad.

  • What’s he wearing?
  • Where does he like to go?
  • What’s he talking about these days?
  • What is he missing that could make his day easier?

Focus on these questions and see if the answer doesn’t get clearer. In the meantime, browse our arsenal of over 6,000 unique products for even more inspiration.

Shop Our Dad-Approved Father’s Day Gifts

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